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19.01.2021Time for some tender love and skincare


The whole world has been wearing protective masks for months on end. It’s an absolutely necessary measure that presents an absolutely massive challenge for our skin. Many people are noticing blemishes in the parts of their face that are covered by the mask. So, now it’s all the more important that we thoroughly cleanse our skin to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria from our face. In view of the current situation – not to mention the air pollution (especially in cities) – we have to take special care of our skin.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend TAUTROPFEN rose cleansing gel – it’s so gentle that its deep-cleaning effect almost comes as a surprise.

If you have normal to moderately dry skin, TAUTROPFEN hyaluron cleansing gel is your weapon of choice. The refreshing boost and cleansing feeling will make your face ready for anything – even if you have to wear a mask!

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