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26.09.2022Shea Butter – true wonder of nature

Our high-quality organic shea butter helps nourish and soften the skin, and contributes to the protection of the skin barrier. A true wonder of nature, extracted from the shea nuts of the shea tree. Also known as the African butter tree or shea tree, it grows in the Sahel sub-Saharan Africa and can live over 300 years! Its fruits, the shea nuts, are particularly rich in fat, which is obtained after a complex process by peeling off the pulp. The ground seeds are mixed with water and processed into a homogeneous mass. The valuable fat settles, hardens and becomes pure shea butter.

Shea butter contains vitamin E, which also is known to help smooth the skin, making it a must-have for daily facial care. Its natural active ingredients are nourishing and replenishing – and an important part of our Hyaluron intensive moisture cream for normal to mositure-demanding skin. In combination with vegan hyaluron from tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract, the skin is more hydrated, soothed and feels softer.

We love shea butter!

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