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Where it all began…

As the world welcomed the dawn of a new era in the 1970s, a fascinating idea was born… Two people had the dream of harnessing the very best of nature to create pure, natural and genuine skincare products. This was the beginning of one of the most successful stories in natural cosmetics: TAUTROPFEN.

The original start-up

TAUTROPFEN’s founders, Rainer and Sylvia Plum, were inspired by the hippy movement. The passionate and determined duo are never afraid to go against the grain. But what was their vision? They wanted to promote health and well-being in harmony with nature and their own principles.

Certified natural cosmetics

TAUTROPFEN specialises in using the finest raw materials from natural sources, most of which come from controlled, organic farms and collections of wild plants. Thanks to our innovative biotechnological formulas, our solutions are perfectly tailored to each individual’s skincare needs.

TAUTROPFEN is a premium brand for natural cosmetics that can help you follow a vital, modern and healthy lifestyle. TAUTROPFEN finds it really important that its products are made in Germany.

Discover our new, highly effective skincare ranges and unlock your natural beauty.

The spirit of the 70s, which changed the world for the better, is our source of inspiration.

Natural beauty.With the best of nature.

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