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19.01.2021Sun-kissed sea buckthorn


We’re launching a new series of posts where we’ll tell you all about our ingredients. Follow #tautropfeninsights to get a better idea of our raw materials.

We’re starting off with SANDDORN – our solution for DRY SKIN. The orange and yellow oleaster shrub gives your skin a real boost.

/stimulates the regeneration of cells
/reduces inflammation, heals wounds and acts as an antioxidant
/soothes itching and balances the skin
/soothes and prevents skin irritation
/has a fresh and revitalising scent

Our Sanddorn range lays the ideal foundations for healthy and vibrant skin – especially for #dryskin. The effects of the powerful berry are boosted by the other 100% natural ingredients in the formula: jojoba, cupuaçu butter and almond oil.

Our sea buckthorn berries are sourced from a Demeter project in the sun-kissed fields of Tuscany and then #madeingermany to produce a range of sea buckthorn products.

Our Nourishing Solutions range includes a face cream (50 ml), face emulsion (50 ml), 2-phase skincare treatment (50 ml), eye cream (15 ml), lip balm (4.9 g) and hand cream (75 ml).

That’s a whole range of refreshing, nourishing and effective products for dry skin.

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