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+ Unique, innovative formula

+ Effective active ingredients that have been proven to work without irritating the skin

+ Revinage is the natural variant of retinol with the same benefits for the skin, but without the potential for irritation

+ Spilanthes is often referred to as "herbal Botox" because spilanthol gently soothes the nerve receptors on the surface of the skin

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Firming Eye Oil

Eye care / Facial oil

Tautropfen Naturkosmetik Amaranth Gesichtscreme Probe

+ contains highly effective and extremely nourishing oil from amaranth

+ Selected organic botanical oils intensively support the skin's ability to regenerate.

+ Soothing botanical extracts and leatherwood honey have an antioxidant and protective effect.

€ 54.90
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Reconstructive facial cream for demanding skin

Facial cream

Tautropfen Naturkosmetik Amaranth Serum

+ Amaranth is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The resulting oil extracted is highly effective and extremely nourishing.

+ The serum has an immediate revitalizing effect and can help increase moisture levels in the skin.

+ Valuable botanical and malachite extracts have antioxidant effects and can strengthen the skin.

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Reconstructive facial serum for demanding skin