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23.03.2021Aloe vera from Guatemala

Volcanoes, rainforest and fascinating sources of Mayan culture make Guatemala a very special country in Central America.

The tropical climate also provides the perfect environment for the versatile aloe vera plant that we love to use for our products. There is a long list of positive benefits that the aloe vera plant contributes to: from soothing to anti-inflammatory to moisturising – a real all-rounder for natural skin care! It is also a plant that can survive very long periods of drought and with its extraordinary water reservoir, can absorb all 160 nutrients completely.

The aloe vera used in our products is sourced from El Progreso, which is one of the hottest regions in the country. In cooperation with our partner CAC (Concentrated Aloe Corporation), we currently work with 14 certified farmers in the region who farm organically and sustainably. For other farmers, the certification process is in progress, which sets the course for an even broader scope of the project. This creates jobs that are compensated fairly and thus ensure good living conditions for farmers and their families. And we can make sure to get pure, high-quality aloe vera that is not sprayed or fertilized, and can grow naturally in the best environment.

It is harvested twice a year, which gives the plant enough regeneration time in between. As far as the sustainability of this natural raw material is concerned, another great advantage is that the cuttings of aloe vera can be planted every four to seven years, contributing to the duplication of this Powerplant. 18 months later, the cuttings are ripe for harvest again. And it gets even better: the annual rain season without any additional watering is enough for the plant to survive – that’s how sustainability works.


Aloe vera is suitable for all skin types and is therefore used in all our serums.

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