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Iroise is a biosphere reserve in the North Atlantic and a designated UNESCO Heritage of Humanity site. Tautropfen supports conservation in the area by purchasing natural brown algae.

In the Iranian province of Kerman, land was formerly used to cultivate opium. The “Roses Not Opium” project has been running for several years now, supporting 600 farmers with the cultivation of Damask roses. The idea behind the project is to safeguard the farmers’ livelihood while reducing the opium trade in the Middle East.

In a village in Mali, Tautropfen is supporting the construction of a factory, including solar energy systems and machines. Literacy training is also on offer. There are also training courses available for the women who traditionally gather and process the nuts from the shea trees that grow there. The distribution is Fairtrade-certified.

For some skincare products, Tautropfen needs avocado bio-oil. Tautropfen sources this oil in Kenya, the location of the sustainably-managed company Earthoil, which runs a cooperative cultivation project. The company also trains independent farmers in the cultivation and careful processing of organic products. The finished products are then resold at fair prices to buyers including Tautropfen. The important thing here is that the majority of the value creation takes place within the country. This means that farmers are not exploited and instead receive the profits they are due. Both the cultivation of these products and the associated trade are certified.

In Mexico, Tautropfen collaborates with the sustainable and organically certified company Florida Food Products Inc. This company runs a cultivation project for aloe vera, which is native to this country where it enjoys ideal conditions. The two-to-three-year-old leaves can be harvested all year round. They are then washed gently and cut by hand. The benefit of this over machine processing is that the aloin contained in the skin of the leaves, which has a laxative effect, is completely removed. This gentle process also means that the aloe vera powder does not need to be treated with preservatives.

Support is also provided for the Crodamazon project in the Brazilian rainforest, where Tautropfen obtains its cupuacu butter.

In the Iranian province of Kerman, fine Damask roses are grown at an altitude of 2,500 metres. What makes this so special is that these areas were formerly used to cultivate opium.

The thorny shrub with yellowy-orange berries is a familiar sight – sea buckthorn. The extreme conditions it can thrive in, such as heat, cold and drought, play a major role in the unique composition of the vitamin-rich berries.

The Iroise Biosphere Reserve in Brittany is a region in the North Atlantic that has been designated a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity site.

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