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23.03.2021Organic torch lily nectar from the south of France

Hidden in the bright yellow-red flower is the precious nectar of the Kniphofia uvaria plant, the torch lily.

It originally comes from South Africa but is grown for us in France under controlled conditions. The fact that the cultivation of our torch lily is purely organic is so important to us that we have commissioned the recognized association ULASE for the certification.

The flower nectar fullfils the essential function of ensuring the succession of generations in the plant kingdom, also the nutrition of bees and other nectar-collecting insects.   Supporting such processes of nature is very important to us. We work only with what nature gives us.

The torch lily blooms just six weeks a year. When the time comes, the flower nectar is obtained by a specially developed harvesting technique and then filtered in the laboratory, decanted, concentrated down to 0.2 microns in a triple microfiltration and stored in a cool place. This results in a sterile product that can then be processed easily.

The harvest is real manual work: a flower is “milked” by hand up to seven times during the harvest. This takes place in the morning between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.. You need about 2000 pressed flowers to gain a liter of nectar. This extract is so rich in minerals and amino acids that all the effort in the harvest is more than worth it.


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