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27.01.2021Cupuaçu Butter from the Brazilian Rainforest

Brazil’s rainforest is a true Eldorado of flora and fauna.

It is therefore no surprise that some valuable ingredients for high-quality skin care products can be found there. Sustainable and ecologically sound cultivation is all the more important, especially in the rainforest, because this natural area that needs to be protected is globally climate-relevant more than any other.


The Cupuaçu butter that we use in our products therefore comes from a strictly controlled project together with Beraca, which is the leading supplier in the field of fair trade in raw materials from the Amazon rainforest.  Local farmers are directly supported, creating jobs and security, at the same time using the resources of the rainforest without exploiting them.

The gentle and rich Cupuacu butter is obtained from the seeds of the Cupuacu nut. It strengthens the skin barrier and provides long-lasting moisture.


It is therefore ideally suited for use in our creams and emulsions. Click here for the Cupuacu product highlight:

Sanddorn moisturising facial cream

Sanddorn moisturising facial emulsion

Algae refreshing facial emulsion

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