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The new product for spring, our Regenerating Facial Oil from the SPECIAL OIL SOLUTIONS range, reviewed by 50 independent test volunteers. Verdict: GOOD! 

The newly-developed high-quality Anti-Age Facial Oil went down exceptionally well with the 50 consumers. The product was assessed based on the following criteria:

  • - Application and distribution
  • - Effect
  • - Feel of skin
  • - Fragrance, and Bottle or packaging design

The product received an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, making the test verdict GOOD.

More about the product 

The views expressed by a representative cross-section of our testers about the new, vegan facial oil from the SPECIAL OIL SOLUTIONS range:

D.W.: I am really amazed by this great product. It soaks in super fast without leaving an unpleasant oily film on the skin. It goes on beautifully... it is extremely rich and very hygienic thanks to the pipette. My skin felt as soft as a peach and looks fresher and healthier every day. The scent, well, it’s just gorgeous and heavenly. I have fallen hard for this oil! 

S.G.: I really like the product. My skin feels much softer and smoother. Dry areas have magically disappeared and my skin looks fresh and healthy. The bottle is well designed and looks great in my bathroom. I also approve of the consistency and scent. I really love this product. Thank you!

M.M.: I love the fact that the oil is not too heavy like many others, instead it’s quite light. It spreads over the skin brilliantly and has already almost completely soaked in after just a few minutes, leaving the skin with an extremely pleasant and nourished feeling. I can’t yet comment on the anti-ageing effect.

S.T.: I have noticed some beneficial changes to my skin from the Anti-Age oil. It is smoother and feels wonderfully soft and nourished after every application. I never want to be without the Tautropfen Anti-Age oil again. The scent alone is reminiscent of a field full of fresh flowers in the morning. A bit like a holiday or, to put it another way, wellness for the soul.

P.Z.: I really like the facial oil, my skin feels soft and silky, it goes on well, is not greasy and smells beautiful. I can fully recommend it.


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