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In today’s instalment of #tautropfeninsights, we’ll give you an insider tip with a super active ingredient: This post is all about our Aquatau moisturising nectar in the Unique Solutions range.

This nectar ensures dermatologically proven* results:

/ skin moisture (+ 27.2%)
/ skin firmness (+ 12.9%)
/ skin elasticity (+ 7.2%)
/ skin smoothness (+ 21.2%)

If you’re looking for revitalising skincare, this product is a real must-have!

After cleansing and toning, the nectar can be applied to the face, neck and lower neckline to boost the skin’s natural functions.

This product is suitable for all skin types. Its main ingredients are organic aloe vera, hyaluron, malachite and, most importantly, torch lily nectar, which is obtained from organic sources in the south of France. The bright red and yellow flowers are only in bloom for 6 weeks a year. The nectar is “milked” by hand in a special process in the early morning hours. Around 2,000 flowers are needed to produce one litre of nectar – it truly is a treasure to behold!

The nectar is rich in fructose, amino acids, minerals and enzymes, naturally helping cells to regenerate and acting like a protective shield for the skin. Aquatau is like a pearl of protection for the skin!

TAUTROPFEN is certified natural cosmetics that work drop for drop.

*Independent testing body: Derma Consult Concept GmbH. Test with 20 women: after using the product for 28 days in relation to the starting value and the untreated control area.

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